Child custody: what it means and how to get it

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Oct, 30, 2017 | Family Law

There are many issues that may come up if you are navigating the process of divorce. Children are often the first and biggest concern. While there are implications specific to any given case that a lawyer may be able to guide you through, they can generally be encompassed in three larger points. 1. What is encompassed in “custody”? Though “custody” is often used to mean “residency,” as in who the child will live with for the most part, it actually means “decision-making power.” This can encompass decisions ranging from where the child will go to school to if a child... View Article

Growing pot may affect real estate sales in British Columbia

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Oct, 23, 2017 | Real Estate Law

Medical marijuana users can grow their own pot at home now thanks to the federal marijuana law. But British Columbia residents could find that doing so might affect their ability to sell their home if they ever choose to do so. However, the law is vague regarding whether or not homeowners have to disclose the fact that they grew marijuana inside their homes or on their premises, which can affect real estate sales. Each province regulates its real estate industry. For example, The Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) says that vendors should tell purchasers in writing that they have grown... View Article

Wills and estates: The legalities of holographic wills in B.C.

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Oct, 09, 2017 | Wills And Estates

A holographic will is one that a person writes entirely in his or her own handwriting and not signed by any witnesses. Many people prefer doing things the old school way, including the writing of wills, but when it comes to wills and estates laws, many provinces won’t accept such documents. British Columbia is one of them, with a few stipulations.  The B.C. government has made some changes in its laws to allow for the curing of deficiencies in wills that are basically invalid. In other words, if a court deems a will invalid and yet can see the person’s... View Article

B.C. personal injury: 3 in hospital after multi-vehicle crash

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Oct, 03, 2017 | Personal Injury Law

A multi-vehicle crash in Surrey recently sent three people to hospital. Many British Columbia residents involved in car accidents suffer personal injury. Police said in this case those taken to hospital suffered serious injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening. A police officer with the RCMP traffic services said the vehicles were travelling at a high rate of speed and the outcome of the crash could have been a lot worse. The officer said it was lucky no one was killed. Police don’t believe alcohol was involved in the incident, although they are continuing their investigation. British Columbians who are injured in vehicle... View Article