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B.C. personal injury: 3 in hospital after multi-vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2017 | Personal Injury Law |

A multi-vehicle crash in Surrey recently sent three people to hospital. Many British Columbia residents involved in car accidents suffer personal injury. Police said in this case those taken to hospital suffered serious injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening.

A police officer with the RCMP traffic services said the vehicles were travelling at a high rate of speed and the outcome of the crash could have been a lot worse. The officer said it was lucky no one was killed. Police don’t believe alcohol was involved in the incident, although they are continuing their investigation.

British Columbians who are injured in vehicle collisions because of the fault of another may look into going after compensation. Injuries suffered can alter quality of life. The physical and emotional pain can affect almost every aspect of life. Those injured may be able to sue for that pain and suffering along with lost wages, medical bills and other damages recognized by applicable law.

If family members lose a loved one in a vehicle fatality because of the negligence of someone else, they too have the right to claims for financial relief. At such a time, it may be a wise decision to enlist the help of a lawyer. No amount of money will lessen the grief, but it would help ease the possible financial stress of losing a loved one.

A British Columbia lawyer experienced in personal injury law would be able to help those injured to pursue claims through the civil justice system. A compassionate lawyer will go over all documented evidence and guide clients throughout the proceedings. The lawyer will explain each step of the litigation process and the legalities surrounding it.

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