Family law: Divorce isn’t all negative for children

Family law: Divorce isn’t all negative for children

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Jan, 31, 2018 | Family Law

It’s hard for some people to see any positives in divorce. When a couple splits up in British Columbia it is often associated with negatives, and the impact it may have on children are also thought to be negative. But, there are some positives children could take away from the end of their parents’ marriage. No one wants a child to have to toughen up, but divorce may give children some skills that they wouldn’t have otherwise developed. Available resources can provide parents with the tools to help their children through family law proceedings in the most positive way possible.

If there is one thing divorce teaches a child, it’s how to adapt to new situations. If they are being co-parented, they will likely spend time in each of their parents’ homes and do separate things with each of their parents. They learn to become resilient and to go with the flow and to cope with life’s changes.

Since children of divorce have probably run the gamut of emotions, they become more in tune with others’ feelings and emotions, becoming much more empathetic. They can relate to the problems of others because they’ve had to go through their own. Kids also learn how to do things on their own, not relying so much on their parents who have their own struggles. All these traits are positives when supported by two parents who want the best for their children.

Children of divorce in British Columbia learn to appreciate the time they have with each parent and may even develop stronger bonds with each parent because of spending quality time with them individually. There are many tools, such as a parenting plan, that can help parents foster positive traits in their children as they go through divorce. By obtaining legal counsel, a parent can access these tools and obtain guidance and advice as they journey on the sometimes complex road to divorce.  

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