Real estate market continues to make strides amid uncertainty

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Sep, 22, 2020 | Real Estate Law

Even though the unemployment rate has doubled, the housing market continues to rally. Many homeowners in British Columbia, as well as in the rest of the country, were able to keep their homes even though they may have lost their jobs due to unforeseen circumstances. In tandem with that were lower interest rates that allowed some people a foray into the real estate market and gave some prospective buyers more house for their money. Several factors will affect the market over the next few months. They include when the borders will reopen and immigration continues, future health concerns in the... View Article

Personal injury law and public insurance

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Sep, 10, 2020 | Personal Injury Law

The fact is some drivers operate vehicles without having insurance, even though it’s the law. In British Columbia, drivers purchase public insurance through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) which leads many to wonder what happens if they suffer a personal injury driving their vehicles. The short answer is as long as drivers whose vehicles were hit by uninsured drivers have insurance, they’re covered. But the insured driver must have purchased collision coverage through ICBC. In that case, according to an ICBC spokesperson, the claim is handled under that collision coverage, and the deductible would be waived by ICBC. The corporation fund... View Article