B.C. car accident risk increases at certain times of year

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Mar, 31, 2021 | Personal Injury Law

There are many factors that impact driving safety: weather, light, road conditions and the behaviour other drivers on the road to name a few. For this reason, it is understandable that certain times of year (and even certain times of day) may be higher risk than others for those on British Columbia roads. According to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), the winter months bring a heightened risk for drivers in the Southern Interior, with particular risk around Christmas and New Year’s. Specifically, the statistics during the holidays are as follows: An average of 110 crashes and 22 injuries... View Article

What is a postnuptial agreement?

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Mar, 17, 2021 | Family Law

Most people are familiar with the concept of a prenuptial agreements or “prenups,” which helps set certain parameters for issues like property division in advance of a marriage. A lesser known family law tool, but one that can be equally helpful, is a postnuptial agreement. These are agreements solidified after marriage, and can be considered by British Columbia courts when decisions are being made in the case of a divorce. Postnuptial agreements for couples who have signed a prenuptial agreement One common use for a postnuptial agreement is to adjust the terms of a prenup when circumstances have changed. While... View Article

Property value database updates for British Columbia

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | Mar, 03, 2021 | Real Estate Law

In Jan. 2022, the British Columbia Assessment Authority updated its property value database. This is a helpful tool B.C. homeowners can use to gauge the current market value of their home. The update in January reflects the value of homes effective July 1, 2021. The estimated value of a home and the percentage it has increased can be accessed by simply entering an address into the property value database. Individuals who own property can access another layer of information by registering for a custom account with BC Assessment. Once an account is created, property owners can: Access a 10-year value... View Article