Common motorcycle accident injuries

Common motorcycle accident injuries

On Behalf of Porter Ramsay LLP | May, 12, 2021 | Personal Injury Law

Motorcycling is a popular pastime for many in British Columbia. Although it can be a very relaxing and rewarding activity, it also comes with some risks should a collision occur. Here are some of the most common injuries experienced by motorcyclists, which may require short or long-term treatment.

  • Legs: Injuries on legs typically include anything from minor bruises to burns and road rash. If there is an accident, muscle tears or broken bones can also be experienced.
  • Arms: As with legs, bruising and road rash can happen on the upper limbs as well. More severe accidents can cause more serious damage like broken bones or, in some very serious cases, an amputation.
  • Neck and head: It is important to wear a helmet to prevent head and neck injuries. Even with this protection, this is one of the most common areas of injury for motorcyclists.
  • Muscles and nerves: Due to the lack of protection around one’s body when motorcycling, riders are vulnerable to muscle and nerve damage in a variety of places, such as their back and trunk.

Certainly, any of the above injuries can cause hardship and expenses, especially if they require rehabilitation or medical care over time. Injuries can also lead to lost wages and an inability to work, either temporarily or permanently. It is typically important that those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident receive all benefits to which they are entitled. A British Columbia personal injury lawyer can help individuals advocate for their rights with insurers and any other parties.

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