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Tips to avoid wildlife crashes in B.C.

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Personal Injury Law |

British Columbia is a beautiful place, with its natural sights and abundant wildlife. This can certainly attract residents and tourists to the province, but it can also come with some risks for drivers. One of these risks is the possibility of a collision with wildlife on the roads, such as a deer or even moose.

Although some of these crashes are unavoidable, here are some tips on how to avoid hitting wildlife on the roads, or to minimize damage if a collision does happen:

  • Keep an eye on the time: Dawn and the hours between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. are the times when most collisions with deer take place.
  • Drive slowly: Even if a road is empty, it is important to follow the speed limit. Other drivers are not the only thing that one may encounter on the road, so being alert and safe is key.
  • Look for signs of wildlife: Signs to be more conscious of deer and wildlife include deer-crossing signs and wooded areas. Those driving to and from the same general areas can also look out for deer grazing and make a mental note to drive very carefully in those areas.

Those who do encounter wildlife on the roads should follow certain safety measures. One key instruction is to not swerve, but rather brake, as swerving puts drivers at risk of colliding with another vehicle, which is usually much more dangerous than hitting an animal. Wearing a seatbelt is also important for everyone in the vehicle. Individuals who have been in a collision with an animal in British Columbia can benefit from the help of a lawyer to ensure all insurance benefits are received.