Buying And Selling A Business

Helping Clients Navigate Through Asset And Share Purchases And Sales

There are many factors to consider when an individual or corporation buys or sells a business, such as tax consequences. Without proper evaluation of the risks associated with these business transactions, individuals and businesses chance losing time and resources.

At Kelowna-based Porter Ramsay LLP, our dedicated and capable business lawyers are highly experienced in guiding clients through complex commercial transactions. We have intimate knowledge of the factors that must be considered when entering into these types of business transactions, and we know how to minimize risk and maximize your investment.

Achieving Client Objectives In The Purchase Of A Business

It is important to carefully evaluate the options to determine the best legal structure for your business. Factors to consider include the potential tax consequences and the protection from liabilities associated with the various entities.

We provide clients with information about possible liabilities when it comes to asset or share purchases and present the options to clients so they can make informed choices. We also provide guidance through every step of the process to facilitate successful completion of the transaction.

Minimizing Consequences When Selling A Business

When selling a business, business owners are often concerned about tax consequences. For instance, in an asset sale, the seller may often attempt to apportion some amount of the purchase price to depreciable property, which can result in higher tax deductions.

Our lawyers can advise on tax strategies that may provide advantageous results, and also identify factors that may produce negative consequences. We have knowledge of Canadian tax law and the skill to advise on the most strategic course of action to avoid tax liability. With our assistance, tax consequences will be kept to a minimum.

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