Child Support And Spousal Support

Helping Clients Navigate Through Sensitive Child And Spousal Support Claims

In British Columbia there are guidelines for establishing child and spousal support payments. There are, however, numerous factors involved in determining the application of the guidelines. It can therefore be difficult to determine the proper application of the guidelines to your case.

The lawyers at Kelowna-based Porter Ramsay LLP provide trusted guidance for matters pertaining to child and spousal support. Our experienced lawyers strive to facilitate communication between parties to come to a satisfactory settlement or court order.

Seeking Amicable Resolutions In Spousal Support Claims

When a couple separates or divorces, the spouses are often not on equal financial ground. Spousal support is awarded to put the spouse who is at an economic disadvantage on a path toward financial independence. Disputes often ensue when there is conflict over the factors considered when calculating support payments, which include:

  • Income
  • Length of the marriage or common-law relationship
  • Age

We believe in attempting to settle spousal support matters without resorting to litigation when possible. Our capable lawyers are skilled at using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. We strive to proactively negotiate a settlement with your former spouse and work out a fair payment schedule.

Striving To Settle Child Support Disputes

A range of factors go into determining child support according to B.C. guidelines. One of the most important factors is income, which is often in question. This can lead to costly litigation that negatively impacts your family.

Our lawyers provide trustworthy advice and representation when dealing with child support disputes. Based on the available information, we strive to determine the proper amount of support. We may arrange for informal meetings or mediation to resolve disputes. We will take all necessary issues into consideration and aim to negotiate the best settlement possible. Our aim is to avoid unnecessary conflict and resolve disputes amicably where possible.

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