Division Of Property

Safeguarding Clients’ Interests In Division Of Property Matters

In British Columbia, married and common-law couples are required to divide family property based on the Family Law Act. Entitlement to one’s fair share can be difficult to determine, as some property is included and some is excluded under the “family property” definition. In-depth analysis by a legal professional is required, especially if one party is not forthcoming about his or her assets.

Porter Ramsay LLP is a Kelowna-based firm providing high-quality advice and representation in family law. Our legal team can provide strategic advice about protecting your interests. We preserve your rights to family property, support and parenting time with your children.

Getting Proper Advice Is Crucial For Asset Preservation

To divide family property correctly, proper valuation of all family assets is necessary. Without proper valuation, you risk losing significant assets. A legal professional can provide you with the advice you need to protect your rights.

Our lawyers have valuable experience helping clients preserve their entitlement to family property. We understand the valuation process and the types of assets that must be included or excluded. By seeking our counsel early in the process, you will get sound legal advice that protects your interest to your property.

Our Strategy Is Tailored To Your Needs

If the division of your property is under dispute, your entitlement may be at risk. That means the matter could end up in court.

Our lawyers are skilled strategists who can guide you through a property division dispute. Armed with decades of litigation experience gained at court and in negotiations, we can use a variety of approaches to protect your interests. We can settle the case by using dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration. We are also prepared to use our considerable litigation skills in court, where we will vigorously defend your right to your family property.

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