Leighton Meyer


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada







Leighton Meyer is a senior associate at Porter Ramsay LLP.  Leighton’s practices areas include real estate transactions including commercial real estate emphasizing retail centres and agricultural businesses, Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning, Foreclosures and Insolvency.   Leighton has worked closely with numerous clients including institutional lenders in financing real estate transactions, representing parties in acquiring agricultural lands and businesses which include surface leases for oil and gas wells, structuring joint ventures, co-ownership and limited partnership arrangements.  Leighton has also represented institutional clients in foreclosure and insolvency related matters.  

Leighton previously practiced in the area of immigration and has a large foreign clientele base and has represented them in all aspects of matters including foreign ownership of property in Canada, and Estate Planning.    

Practice Areas:

Real Estate; Business Law; Wills Trusts and Estate Planning; Foreclosures; Agricultural and Industrial Leasing; Elder Law/Committeeship