Commercial Disputes

Providing Optimal Resolution Options For Commercial Litigation Matters

Business disputes can easily deteriorate into lengthy court actions. When time and money are at stake, businesses require effective solutions to settle conflicts in a time-sensitive manner.

Porter Ramsay LLP is a full-service law firm that has over five decades of experience resolving complex commercial disputes in Kelowna. Our litigation lawyers have the knowledge and skills to identify and analyze contentious issues and create strategies to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Strategic Advice For High-Value Conflicts

Corporations and individuals who are facing litigation often have high-value assets at risk. They require straightforward, professional advice about protecting their assets and their interests. Our lawyers have years of valuable experience giving high-quality advice to clients involved in a wide range of commercial disputes such as breaches of contract, commercial lease disputes and shareholder disputes.

Our approach, early in the process, is to conduct thorough research and identify all issues pertaining to the case. We then meet with our clients, establish their goals and objectives, and match those objectives to the most efficient resolution options in their circumstances.

A Proactive Approach To Settling Disputes

Conflicts can be resolved at early stages before they culminate into court actions. Even when a litigation dispute has deteriorated to a court action, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms are available that allow parties to settle their conflict.

Our lawyers’ approach to settling commercial litigation matters is to aim to resolve matters at the beginning of proceedings, through mediation, negotiation or arbitration. Backed by years of using these processes, we help facilitate communication between parties to make it easier to come to a fair solution. By aiming to settle disputes early in the process, we strive to save our clients time and costly court expenses.

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