Residential Real Estate

Efficient And Economical Residential Real Estate Services

When individuals purchase or sell a house or condominium, it is a high-value transaction. Clients want assurance that their matter will be handled skillfully to ensure that the purchase or sale closes on time and to protect their investment.

At Kelowna-based Porter Ramsay LLP, our capable real estate lawyers have decades of experience assisting clients with residential real estate transactions. Backed by valuable skill in this area of law, we can complete your transaction in a competent and efficient manner.

Providing Clients With Sound Advice And Guidance, Cost-Effectively

To complete a purchase or sale transaction, you must engage the services of a legal professional. Choosing the right one matters, as this individual will handle your investment and protect your interests.

For decades, clients have engaged our services to oversee their real estate deals. We give clients comprehensive advice on real estate matters, thoroughly analyzing the transaction to ensure there are no complications. Backed by our deep-honed knowledge of Canadian real estate law, we complete transactions in a cost-efficient manner, as we are able to identify and speedily resolve problems.

We Are Accessible To Our Clients

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, the transaction usually closes in a relatively short time. That means if you have questions or concerns, you require access to your lawyer.

At Porter Ramsay LLP, we ensure that you can contact a member of our team when the need arises. We are available to answer questions by phone or email and we keep you informed on the progress of your case. Our legal staff meet with you in person, explain the documentation you are required to sign and help you navigate through the process.

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