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Wills and estate planning is complex. When drafting a will or administrating an estate, an individual must take into account a host of laws and regulations. Failing to observe legalities can result in an invalid will. For individuals who wish to draw up a will or trust, or who have been named executors, these legalities can be perplexing and overwhelming.

At Porter Ramsay LLP, our lawyers are known as trusted legal advisors throughout Kelowna. We provide reliable guidance and advice on a wide range of will and estate administration matters. Clients can rest easier knowing we are here to help with important end-of-life documentation.

Planning Ahead For Peace Of Mind

Individuals who die without a will leave their loved ones in a precarious situation. Dying intestate means there is uncertainty about who receives your assets and how they are distributed. Our lawyers take the time to determine your needs and goals and prepare a valid document that will protect the future of your loved ones.

The Importance Of Consulting An Estate Lawyer For Will Drafting

A will is a document in which an individual decrees how his or her assets are to be divided and makes arrangements for the care of his or her dependents. It is not enough just to have a will in place though; it must be properly prepared and executed to be considered valid.

Our dedicated and experienced lawyers will draw up valid legal documents to ensure that your last wishes will be heeded. We will consult with you face to face and give you strategic advice about your legal obligations and the tax obligations of your estate. By carefully guiding you through the legalities of the will drafting process, we will ensure that your interests and those of your family are protected.

The question of how to divide your estate between your loved ones is never an easy subject to contemplate. It may feel overwhelming to determine which family members should receive certain assets.

Our lawyers have served generations of clients deliberating the same question. Our clients feel comfortable seeking out our counsel when considering last wishes. That is a vital part of our services. We will take the time to help you sort through your last wishes and needs. We will also provide in-depth explanations about the process and advice addressing concerns pertaining to:

Helping Clients Navigate The Complexities

Improper estate planning or document drafting can expose you or your beneficiaries to unnecessary litigation. Experienced legal guidance can help you avoid exposing yourself and your loved ones to liability.

Our will and estate lawyers will ensure that you are aware of your legal obligations. We will answer your questions and address your concerns. By drafting solid documents and providing insightful advice, we will help you avoid potential complications. You can rely on us to provide careful guidance throughout the process.

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