Probate & Estate Administration

Safeguarding Clients’ Interests During The Estate Administration Process

An individual faces a complex legal process when trying to fulfill the last wishes of the deceased. Estate administration and probate involve many steps that must be carefully completed.

The lawyers at Porter Ramsay LLP have assisted many clients with estate administration duties. Our lawyers have the extensive legal experience required to ensure that every task within the process is handled diligently.

Helping Clients Shoulder The Burden

Administering an estate carries a lot of responsibility. Executors must pay off the deceased’s liabilities, pay estate administration taxes and disburse assets to the beneficiaries named in the will. They can also expose themselves to legal liability if their duties are carried out incorrectly.

Our lawyers have valuable experience assisting executors with the burdensome task of administering an estate. Our wills and estate lawyers can help ensure that:

  • All available assets are identified.
  • The will is validated in probate court.
  • All appropriate court applications are made.
  • All debts and taxes are filed and paid.
  • Estate assets are distributed in a timely manner.

Our priority is to ensure that the estate administration process is handled smoothly and efficiently.

Efficient Navigation Through The Probate Process

Probate is a process in which an individual applies to court to have a will declared legally valid as the official last will and testament of the deceased. Probate is a necessary step in the estate administration process that must be handled with care and attention.

Our lawyers have the skills to handle probate efficiently and effectively. We will apply to the Supreme Court of British Columbia for an order that a valid will exists on your behalf. We will assist you in filing a petition and in executing all necessary documents. After those tasks are completed, we will guide you through fulfilling the rest of your duties, such as paying off debts and distributing the assets of the estate.

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